Unique and advanced medical instrument and high quality in vitro diagnostic assays.

  • Platelet Incubator & Agitator
    The WR-KWAP (Platelet incubator/agitator) is a new instrument for platelet safety that offers solutions with many capacities in free-standing and benc...
  • XPT Heating System
    The Barkey autoline XPT 4R infusion warmer is an actively warmed heating jacket which heats an infusion tube or, in combination with haemodialysis dev...
  • The Plasmatherm DTM
    The Barkey plasmatherm is a device for thawing out and warming of all bagged conserves of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), blood and erythrocyte concentrate...

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Medson Inc. supplies the high quality medical devices, reagents and consumables since 2004. Our professional products and services are provided to the clinical labs, donor centers, hospitals ,healthcare. Our professional team takes pride in offering our customers quality products and efficient services.
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